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Recent testimonials on the new Battery Storage Technology installations by Solar4us


Dear Siva

I engaged Solar4us to remove some solar panels which had been installed by another firm. This was while I had some work done on the roof. They then returned to replace the panels.

This was probably not a hugely interesting job, as they were not installing a new system, but nevertheless the work was done with great care – in fact they put the panels back in a slightly different and better arrangement. The job involved a lot of contact with Solar4us both in person, by email and by phone. At all times replies came very quickly and efficiently, and the costs were made absolutely clear.

I’m very pleased I got Solar4us to do this job and recommend them highly.

John Blakely, Beckenham, Kent.  July 2016


Dear Siva

As I said we are very satisfied with the installation. Also, the team's work was high quality and they were most helpful.

Kind regards

Colin Petley,  9th Dec 2015  , Surrey


Dear Siva

Keith, Alex and their assistants were excellent. Thank you for everything you have done. I am relieved the job is now completed, though as you know I would have liked it to have been done many weeks ago when it was possible to do it.

With best wishes

T Sutcliffe, London Dec 2015


Hi Siva,

Many thanks for sending those over, really appreciate it. Hopefully I can get everything sent over to Npower tomorrow.

If I don't speak to you before, thank you for sorting everything for us so quickly and efficiently and I hope that you and your family have a good break over Christmas and the New Year,

Best wishes,

Lawrence Galkoff, Kent  Dec 2015

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Proven battery storage technology is now available!

Can you keep the existing Solar Panels? - Yes you can

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If you are receiving the old 44p/kwh FiT then retrofitting with batteries could earn you a STUNNING 23% interest rate on the cost.

And that's TAX FREE & INDEX LINKED for the rest of the 20 years.

Solar storage batteries now allow you to store surplus electricity that you generated during the day for reuse in the hours of darkness.  These new and reliable Lithium-Ion batteries are now economically attractive, either as an add-on to an existing installation or as part of a new solar panel installation. 


Solar4us are the leading installer of this exciting new technology in the South East, with experience

of both retrofits and new installations (testimonials below).  

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Our PV system was installed two years ago and last week the inverter stopped working. The company that installed had gone out of business, so I approached Solar4us to investigate and fix the problem. The inverter was found to be faulty, unfortunately the local dealer had gone out of business as well. Solar4us got in touch with the manufacturer’s Netherland office and negotiated the replacement under Guarantee and I am very pleased with the work done and the system is working well again.

 Robert Medlycott, South Croydon

Compatibility with Smart Meters

We have been informed that the Smart Meter may not be  compatible with the Solar Panels on your roof. Here is a note from one of our customers:-


"Hi Siva

We had a smart meter installed as a trial and it caused a problem once solar installed so after a battle with EDF it was replaced by a normal meter which works as it should with Solar.  Ever since we have resisted all attempts to install another one.

Your customers need to keep daily readings of both the Generation Meter and Smart meter in order to convince suppliers to change meter.

I suspect it is treating solar generation as being supplied by the Grid and charging for it as our one did.

Hope this helps, Regards, Derek"