Can you use solar energy at night?

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The economics of batteries are attractive

Disappointed with the returns on your savings?  In today's environment of very low interest rates it is unlikely that you are achieving more than a (taxable) few percent interest, if that.


As you can see from the table below an investment in solar panels with battery technology can give you an estimated Return on Investment (RoI) of around 7-8% TAX FREE.  That deserves serious consideration!


*         Estimated total cost of PV system inc VAT at 5%

**       Estimated generation, based on MCS PV guide, no shading, south facing at 35 degrees@ 975 kwh/kwp

***     Assuming that 40% of generated power is used on the premises with panels and 70% is used on the premises

         with batteries and panels combined

****   Estimated Return on Investment, RoI

***** Based on the estimated incremental income of £1,716 - £171 = £1,545 p.a.

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