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Is PV still a good investment......?

By Siva Muthulingasamy, Mar 23 2012 05:53AM

Despite the numerous setbacks experienced by the UK solar market, including the unresolved court cases, policy disputes and open consultations, the ever-strong industry has ploughed forward to install a remarkable 1GW of solar power. When you place this figure next to Government’s original target of 860MWp by 2015, you can see just how notable the sector has been against all the odds.

In spite of all this a PV system remains an excellent economic investment with a Rate of Return of This is tax free! If you are a 20% taxpayer this is equivalent to 11% gross, or 14% if you are a 40% taxpayer. In these difficult economic times it is very hard to find returns at this level; banks are typically paying less than 3% gross.

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