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Private investors fed up with poor rates on savings are increasingly looking to invest in Solar Panels

By Siva Muthulingasamy, Apr 23 2012 05:19PM

There has been a significant tail-off in installations since the introduction of energy efficiency requirements on 1st April, however this need not be the case as investing in solar still makes very good sense for householders. That’s the message the Solar Trade Association (STA) wants to get out far and wide.

STA Chief Executive Paul Barwell said "despite all the reported ups and downs for the solar industry in recent months we want to get the message across to householders solar is a good investment at current Tariff rates. The 21p/kWh tariff is still producing sound returns on investment of up to 10% because the costs of solar have fallen so fast. Solar is a great investment and spring is a great time to invest."

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