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Testimonials - Domestic

"I wanted one company to provide us with 4 solar heating panels and 24 PV panels. Solar4us were extremely good and kept us informed throughout. Any teething problems we had were dealt with quickly and professionally. As a rough estimate, we'll sell five or ten times what we use. It's an investment for the children for the future. It may be a drop in the ocean but someone's got to be first and bite that bullet. When people visit and say, 'Wow, what's that on your roof?' it's great to explain what we've done and why we've done it."

 Mr Gregory, Bramley, Hants 

"We had 24 solar panels installed five months ago, and have already generated nearly 3,000 kilowatts to reduce our electricity bills. It's summer, so we're using a ratio of 1:7 and exporting the rest to the grid. The output fluctuates according to the weather, but on sunny days it turns out more than predicted. There are a lot of forms to fill in, but Solar4us were very good and I have no worries about recommending them. Fitting solar power is costly and I don't expect to get the money back, but it's important for the environment."

 Mr Woolgar, Lansing, West Sussex



"The solar PV panels installed for us by Solar4us generate a great deal of electricity, and have cut our bills by more than half, depending on the weather. Solar4us were quick and efficient to work with. All the work was done on time with no trouble at all. So far we're ahead of the predicted output and in credit with the electricity company. We're very ‘green aware' people so solar panels are true to our beliefs. They also add to the value of the house."

 Mr Black, Reading



"I care about the planet and want my nephews and nieces to have a future when they grow up. With my solar panels I now receive 4p per kilowatt hour for the excess electricity I send to the grid. Solar4us are a reputable company who do a good job. They were very helpful and sent off the necessary paperwork so that I could apply for the grant."

 Pauline Bailey, Whitstable, Kent



"Solar4us put 16 solar panels on my roof. They're very nice people, and did an efficient job with no mess. It's good to know I'm doing my bit for the environment."

 Ms Cullen, Friston, East Sussex 



"We were looking to produce our own electricity, but the windmill type was not quite good enough. Solar4us are very quick and good to work with. I'd definitely recommend them for solar panels. Our panels are working wonderfully and doing extremely well. We've produced over 3,000 KW hours in the last six months and sold over 2,000 of them to the electricity board."

 Mr & Mrs Jenner, Dover



"I've got 24 panels from Solar4us on my flat roof, which have clocked up 4,000 kilowatt hours in under one year. I've already noticed the difference in my bill. Solar panels are eco-friendly and definitely worth doing for the long term."

 Sonia Tuban, North London

"I was very satisfied with Solar4us and would be happy to recommend them. They got on with installing my solar panels with no problem. My bills are now very low, if not nil, and I get money back each year as reimbursement from the grid. I've also got solar water heating, which provides permanent hot water and plenty of it. I've been inviting as many people as possible round to have a look. We all ought to do our utmost to prevent this catastrophic climate change problem."

 Mrs Stamberger, Oxted, Surrey

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Mr Gregory's installation - another satisfied customer! Mr Woolgar from West Sussex wrote to let us know how well his system works! Mrs Stamberger chose a free standing 26 panel array to save money and to be environmentally responsible