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"DECC announced changes to the FIT’s scheme on May 24th 2012. This document gives an executive summary of the main points.

  • Start date for new tariffs August 1st (delayed from 1st July)

  • 0-4kWp generation tariff 16p (down from 21p)**

  • Other tariffs : 4-10kWp 14.5p, 10-50kWp 13.5p, 50-150kWp 11.5p, 150-250kWp 11p,

    250-5MW and stand alone 7.1p

  • Export tariff 4.5p (up from 3.2p

  • Indexation remains RPI

  • Lifetime of FITs 20 years (down from 25 years)

  • Multiple generation tariff set at 90% of single installation tariff (up from 80%)

  • Set future tariff alterations depending on uptake over the preceding three months

  • No tariff cuts if prior quarter is less than deployment threshold : 0-10kwp <100MW;

    10-50kwp <50MW; >50kwp < 50MW

  • First deployment trigger above these levels will be 3.5% (approx 0.5p); greater cuts

    if deployment is higher

  • Tariff cuts (if any) will take place each quarter (Nov, Feb, May, Aug). Announced at

    least 2 months in advance

  • If deployment falls below the minimum trigger an automatic 3.5% reduction will be applied

    every 9 months


** Since this article was published the Government has further tweaked the FiT payment;

16p/kwh has been shaded down to 15.44p/kwh

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"NAPIT is an organisation committed to householder safety in the domestic sector and ensures that through the competence of our registered installers, householders can be confident the work carried out on their home complies with the relevant regulations.


NAPIT registered installers work under a Government-approved Competent Person Scheme (CPS) to notify any electrical, plumbing, heating or ventilation works undertaken on your home to your Local Authority Building Control, in accordance with Building Regulations.


NAPIT are also UKAS accredited for the certification of installers under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). Microgeneration is the application of renewable energy technologies on a scale small suitable for domestic properties, such as Solar Photovoltaics (PV), Solar Thermal Hot Water, Wind Turbines, Heat Pumps (ground and air source), Biomass Combustion and Micro-CHP. These technologies often compliment conventional energy and heating technologies or sometimes completely replace it.


The NAPIT Microgeneration Certification Scheme allows installers to fit renewable energy technologies and self-certificate the work in accordance with Building Regulations whilst allowing the householder to access financial incentives.


Your Safety is Important to us.


NAPIT constantly strive to increase public awareness of the inherent dangers of poorly installed work and the potential dangers posed by non-competent tradespeople.


NAPIT operate a comprehensive and rigorous Code of Practice for our registered installers, who are assessed on a yearly basis to ensure they continue to work to the highest standards."

We are accredited MCS and NAPIT installers

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