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We will advise you on the pitfalls to avoid when choosing PV panels

In today’s busy solar PV industry there are so many different brands, it can make selection difficult.


With many of the bottom end PV panels, you have to be very careful not to fall foul of the ten-year warranties (Sanyo panels have a 25 year warranty) and lower standard performance figures (see chart below).


The panels efficiency ratings (kwh/sq m) is as important as the power it is rated at.


Below is a graph highlighting yield performance of various PV panels set up in identical conditions on a south facing roof with 30 deg pitch.


As illustrated the Sanyo Hybrid panels are higher yielding than the other types of panels, with poly and mono types fast becoming very similar in terms of performance to each other.


Please note that Panasonic, the owners of Sanyo, decided in April 2012, to rebrand Sanyo Solar as Panasonic Solar.  Here's what Panasonic say:-  "Being part of the Panasonic Group will enable us to provide our customers in Europe with higher quality, more efficient modules and a higher level of service than before"

Energy yields for different solar panels

Source: Courtesy of NAPIT Competent person 2012 issue 2

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Many people are under the impression that if a panel is on the MCS approved list, then it must be as good as any other panel on the MCS list. This is simply not the case. As with all products and services, you truly get what you pay for.

Solar4us will advise you on the right choice of panel.  Our preference is for the top quality Sanyo.  These panels are reliable and cost effective as their higher cost is offset by their higher electricity generating efficiency.  If budget is a constraint we can also advise on lower cost alternatives.

The top quality Panasonic panel that we recommend, their HIT panel, has roughly the same energy yield as the Sanyo HDE in the graph.