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24 x 205WP Sanyo Hybrid Solar Panels = 4.9kWp, 1 x Mastervolt Inverter

30 x 165WP Sharp Monocrystaline Solar Panels = 4.9kWp, 2 x Mastervolt Inverters

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Another photo of Harringay, where the electricity powers 850 computers The Haringay School installation supports the school's focus on environmental issues The Deputy Head and the Mayor have both praised our installalation and the childrens' efforts to help raise the money.

Merlin Primary School

Ballamore Road, Bromley, Kent BR1 5LW

"I am extremely proud of what has been achieved. This is a huge asset for the local community and I hope it sets a precedent that will motivate other communities across the world to take up the challenge.

 Liz Docherty, Deputy Head


"The solar panels look very nice and the children are aware what they are used for. Solar4us were fi ne to work with, and helped us get the Government grant. The kids also helped raise more than £3,000. We had a big launch when the panels were fi rst installed. The energy savings are digitally displayed, so pupils and visitors are kept up-to-date with energy savings."

 Steve Bullock, Mayor of Lewisham 

40m2 solar panel


Generates enough electricity to run 77 of the school's fluorescent light bulbs, saving enough carbon dioxide to fill 136,500 balloons a year

Stanley Junior School

Stanley Road, Teddington TW11 8UE

"The work was done during half-term, without any fuss at all. We were not entirely sure where to get funding, but Solar4us did all the paperwork to get our 50% grant from the DTI. The solar panels on the roof are an obvious sign of our drive to make the environment a focus in school. The display panel shows how much energy has been generated so far. The children are intrigued, and it has helped us kickstart a lot of other intiatives. We were delighted with the Solar4us service – they were very professional, and I’d happily recommend them."

 Adrian Corke, Science Co-ordinator


"This excellent scheme will not only reduce power bills substantially but also demonstrates to children just how vital is it to secure alternative sources of energy. We’ve all become very environmentally-friendly!"

 Ian Dickinson, Headteacher

Cut power bills by an estimated 5.5% a year


Won a special environmental award from the Mayor of London

Testimonials - Schools

The Science Coordinator and headmaster wrote so say how their junior school installation had enhanced pupils' understanding of the importance of the environment

26 x 190WP Sanyo Hybrid Solar Panels = 4.9kWp, 2 x Mastervolt Inverters

North Haringey Primary School

Falkland Road, London N8 0NU

"Our school is very active on environmental issues with staff, parents and children all involved. Thanks to Solar4us, the school has installed the first solar panel system in Haringey!


In the first four months of using the solar panels, we generated enough electricity to power 850 computers for a school day and saved half a tonne of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere. We’re pleased to be doing our bit to tackle the effects of global warming and hope to save up to 5% on our electricity bills. The panels should last for 30 years, saving 45 tonnes of CO2 being released into the atmosphere."

 Michael Akindele, Headteacher

Saved 1/2 tonne of CO2 in 4 months


1/2 tonne of CO2 would power a family car for 3,000 miles or a flight from London to New York