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Home                                  Solar4us is the leading provider of solar energy solutions in London and the South East


Why Choose Us                   We have an enviable reputation for offering you the best service at competitive prices


Battery storage

Solar energy at night             The latest battery technology means that you can now store your PV panel electricity  

Case study                           An analysis of an actual installation

Battery economics                Details of the technical and economics aspects of a PV and a combined PV and battery system

System schematic                Schematic showing the main components of a combined system with the interconnecting wiring  


Products & Services           

Photovoltaic                          You can save up to 50% of your electricity bill

Hot Water                             Easily installed with your photovoltaic system and also low maintenance

Schools                                We’re experts in installing solar energy systems in primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities

Installation video                    A short time-lapse video showing a typical school installation



Domestic                              Unsolicited testimonials from satisfied domestic customers

Schools                                Schools attest to the significant educational value of their PV systems in addition to the economic return



How green is PV?                  A comparison of solar PV with other sustainable energy sources

How the FiT works                 An animated overview of the three elements that make up the total FiT tariff

Cost of Electricity                  Historical electricity costs and a forward projection

Real Life Example                  An unsolicited project review from a satisfied customer

Blog                                     Comments and advice from our experts on topics in the news

News                                    Everything you need to know about the new FiT scheme

FAQ - General                       Advice on a wide range of general solar energy topics

FAQ - Systems                     Technical questions on photovoltaic and thermal systems demystified

Further Resources                 Links to selected websites that provide further information


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