Can you use solar energy at night?

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Use solar energy at night?  Yes, really!

Proven new battery technology

Solar Storage Batteries allow you to store electricity generated by your solar panels during the day for use at any time when demand is greater than the electricity being generated at that time. This can be during the day, evening or night. Although a four-battery cabinet is quite large, about the size of a dishwasher, they are now both affordable and economically attractive.


Storage and FiT

Although solar panels themselves are a valuable asset, both financially and environmentally, you can increase the benefits of solar with a storage battery. Also, the installation of a battery does not affect any F.I.T. payments you may be receiving.


Save more with storage

Your storage battery charges up during the day and discharges stored energy when needed, most likely in the evenings which tends to be the peak time for energy usage. So, you could rely less on purchasing energy from your supplier at these times. There are even some battery manufacturers stating that you can shave an extra 50% off of your energy bill with a battery, when compared to just solar panels alone.


Be self sufficient

You could increase the self-sufficiency of your property and reduce your reliance on expensive grid energy. Some batteries even offer back-up electricity during power cuts and storms.

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Solar4us is the industry leader in this exciting new technology!

Latest news!

The latest proven battery technology is now a highly attractive economic option for all those with PV panels installed.  If you are on a 44p/kwh feed-in-tariff you could get an estimated return on investment of 23%.  That is a STUNNING return, the more so as it is tax free, index linked and will run for the remaining period of your contract.  Click to read more.