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Solar panels against blue sky: on the Domestic Installations page

Cheaper, Greener Energy solutions for your home


Use the following technologies to create a sustainable home solution. Turn your home into a carbon neutral electricity generator

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels

Generate lean, green and mean electricity from the sun to power your home

Battery storage

Store the excess electricity your solar panels produce to use when there is no sun at night or under very cloudy dark day times

Load diversion device (Iboost)

This device will automatically divert any excess electricity generated by the panels to heat the water in your hot water cylinder. First it will charge your battery and any excess after will be diverted to your immersion heater

Solar panel domestic installation on a detached house

Detached House, South Croydon, Installed Nov 2014

Estimated to produce 60%  of their needs.

Cost and profitability

An  average home in the UK uses about 3600kwh (Units) per year. If you install a 4kwp system at a cost of about £5 to £6k and use up all the energy generated by the solar system in your premises you could be self-sufficient.  This is a typical estimation. This system could provide free energy for more than 25 years and achieve returns of more than 8% per annum TAX FREE.  The payback time is typically 5-6 years. 


If installed together with a battery storage capability then the return is higher, also tax free.  These returns are highly attractive compared with, for example, a fixed term savings bond where the interest rate is around 1.5% at best, and that’s taxable!

Solar pnels on a terraced house

Terraced House, Addiscombe,  Installed March 2018

Estimated to produce 70%  of their needs

Solar PV panels on a bungalow in Croydon

Bungalow, Shirley, Croydon, Installed Aug 2016

Estimated to produce 80%  of their needs

Solar panels on a Guildford terraced house

Terraced House, Guildford, Installed Aug 2012

Estimated to produce 50%  of their needs

Solar panels on a Chessington house

Detached House, Chessington, Installed Oct 2018

Estimated to produce 45%  of their total needs

A smaller PV PV array on a detached house

Detached House, Shirley, Installed Nov 2013

Estimated to produce 65%  of their total needs

Solar power PV panels installed on a detched house

Detached House, Sutton, Installed Oct 2015

Estimated to produce 40%  of their total needs

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