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Solar panels against blue sky: on the Hot Water Storage page

Convert excess Electrical energy to Heat energy

and store as Hot Water  


Marlec's Solar iboost for FREE hot water!

The Solar iboost load diversion controller enables households with PV fitted to get FREE hot water as an additional benefit to their PV investment.

Solar iBoost is intelligently programmed to detect when a household is exporting power to the grid and using wireless technology it activates the immersion to start heating the water in the tank. Crucially, it controls the levels of power delivered to the immersion to ensure that grid power is not used to heat the water.


Using this device means that PV owners can 'self consume' their generated electricity automatically and make additional savings and keep track on the simple-to-use display screen.


Solar IBoost control panel

“We are very pleased with the iboost and have already seen a decrease in our gas use”

A testimonial from one of our PV customer; Mr Reynolds, Croydon

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