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Solar panels against blue sky: on the Testimonials page

Check out what some of our customers say about us


Hi Siva, 

I did receive them thanks, and thank you so much for everything. It’s all working beautifully. It’s definitely the best upgrade to our home to date!

Many thanks again 

          Fred Rosin, Croydon, May 2023


Many thanks for such a great job – have already recommended you to 2 friends who had asked about battery/panels.

Let me know if you would like a review/photos or me to act as a reference for future clients or anything else I can do


         Mark Harrison, Beckhenam, May 2023


Hi Siva

Thank you, am really pleased with the guys you sent to do the work, they have been brilliant, very neat and tidy.

Would definitely recommend your company.


        Garry Tree, West Wickham, May 2023

Excellent service all round by really nice people who just get on with the job and cause no inconvenience.

       Beckenham, Kent, February 2023

I'd like to let you know how straightforward this process has been with your company.  As you may know, you were the fourth company I approached.  The first lot offered an installation date months into the future.  The second lot offered a lot and delivered nothing.  The third lot just gave me a hard sell like they were pushing double glazing on my granny.


Then Roy came along.  He asked what I needed, gave me a steer based on his experience, took some measurements, and was generally a lovely chap to spend an hour chatting to.  I had my initial quote a day later, which wasn't the cheapest (not that there much in it, you were still competitive).  I went with your company because I feel I can trust you.


Throughout the lead-up to install you and Roy answered my questions and kept me in the loop, most importantly by being honest about stock levels and lead times.  Come install day, everyone turned up and got to work.  They did an excellent job and left the site clean.


Please keep doing what you're doing.  You're a small business serving the local area and doing it very well.  Your staff look happy, which is important.  When I want more panels in the future, I'll come to you.  When friends and family want panels, I'm sending them to you.

       South Norwood, London November 2022


​​I was looking to get solar panels fitted onto my house to reduce my energy  bills and also to do my bit in helping to save the planet, saving CO2 emissions.  I had quotes from many companies but chose to go with Solar4us as they were my local installers, so was able to easily approach them and even pop into their office.


My experience with Solar4us was very positive, from their initial survey, system design, proposed options and pricing to the final implementation. Also their energy generation prediction has proven to be quite accurate.  I chose the option with very efficient solar panels and a high end inverter which came with an excellent and free monitoring software. I was able to easily install the Fronius SolarWeb App onto my phone myself. I can also access it from my laptop or computer and see the real time energy production or even to analyse the history.


Now I have had the solar system on my roof for 3 years since December 2018 and it has performed very well and has been very reliable.  So far I have generated almost 11 MWh of electric energy, which according to my monitoring software is equivalent to savings of 5.81 Tons of CO2 emissions, or equivalent of 14 500 miles of car journey or equals to planting 150 trees. Some of this energy is used to power my house appliances and some of it is exported back to the grid.


I am very happy, my solar panels are fulfilling both my goals: saving the planet and also saving my wallet. Thank you so much Solar4us.

      South Norwood, London December 2021


Good morning Siva,

I hope you are well.

Thank you for sorting the solar panels and installation so efficiently yesterday. I have today paid the balance of £1,710.00 to you. Thank you once again and I look forward to receiving the MCS certificate once you have this.

      Penge, London  June 2019


HI Siva,

Thank you for sending this through.  Payment now made. Thank you once again for a hassle free project.  I am sure I will be back in touch with you for our next project. Kind regards

     East Horsley, Surrey Feb 2018


Hello Siva

I've passed your contact details to a friend of mine -  together with a strong recommendation.

I think he will contact you in the next few days

     Surbiton, Surrey Dec 2017


This was Solar4us first Solar Battery Storage system installation and it was executed with due diligence and efficiency

     Norfolk,  May 2016

Hi Siva,

Many thanks for sending those over, really appreciate it. Hopefully I can get everything sent over to Npower tomorrow. If I don't speak to you before, thank you for sorting everything for us so quickly and efficiently and I hope that you and your family have a good break over Christmas and the new year. Best wishes,

     Beckenham,  Kent  Dec 2015

I will transfer the amount owed into your bank on Monday or Tuesday. Your installation team were excellent.

     Surbiton, Surrey April 2014

Good afternoon Siva,

following on from our conversation this morning, the appropriate actions have been taken and I hope all the "necessities" can be completed as soon as possible.


With regard to the consultation/communication/installation and general customer service, I would like to say that they have been excellent. I would like to take this opportunity to high light the receptionist who recognised my voice and referred to me by name i.e. christian name which I always use. My only regret is that I did not get her name.


Kent & Scaffolding were conscientious and apologised for being late and due to the nature of the building, they took time to adapt the construction of scaffolding according to my instructions.


As mentioned in our phone conversation, Mick Getting is known to us and it was a surprise when he appeared at my door. I did say "hello, what are you doing here?" or words to that effect. Mick knows that we have an ULTRA HIGH QUALITY expectation of workmanship and Mick met this need.

My husband had a couple of concerns during his research both with the panels and wiring and despite him being an amputee, he checked the installation and as a perfectionist, he was satisfied


All in all Siva, we are very happy and just to add that we had a neighbour ask for more info.


When you want to give this feedback on line, please let me know as I do not want any personal data to be known as well you may have guessed

     Croydon, Surrey June 2013

Hi Siva,

We have just transferred the £8700.00 to you account and it should appear in your account tomorrow (Wed). Thank you for your prompt and professional service and a good job done. We look forward to receiving the MCS certificate and final paid invoice so we can submit them to British Gas to start receiving our feed in tariff moneys. Regards,

     Tonbridge, Kent  Jun 2012

Hi Siva.

I have sent the balance to your account, and thank you very much for the exemplary way your chaps handled it all. It was switch on at 13.00 yesterday and has produced 20kwh as at 1600 today.

     Lingfiled, Surrey  May 2011

The last man has just left and the system is working! We have been greatly impressed by the high quality of the team and their work, both inside and outside the house.Unless you or Nigel know otherwise, I don’t think I have yet applied for the Grant. Please advise how I should do this.I assume the unit recorded on the check meter is kilowatts. Is that correct? With best wishes    

     Lewes, Sussex May 2010

"Solar4us put 16 solar panels on my roof. They're very nice people, and did an efficient job with no mess. It's good to know I'm doing my bit for the environment."

     Friston, East Sussex  Feb  2009

"I care about the planet and want my nephews and nieces to have a future when they grow up. With my solar panels I now receive 4p per kilowatt hour for the excess electricity I send to the grid. Solar4us are a reputable company who do a good job. They were very helpful and sent off the necessary paperwork so that I could apply for the grant."

     Whitstable, Kent  June 2008

"I wanted one company to provide us with 4 solar heating panels and 24 PV panels. Solar4us were extremely good and kept us informed throughout. Any teething problems we had were dealt with quickly and professionally. As a rough estimate, we'll sell five or ten times what we use. It's an investment for the children for the future. It may be a drop in the ocean but someone's got to be first and bite that bullet. When people visit and say, 'Wow, what's that on your roof?' it's great to explain what we've done and why we've done it."

     Bramley, Hants  Feb 2007

"The solar PV panels installed for us by Solar4us generate a great deal of electricity, and have cut our bills by more than half, depending on the weather. Solar4us were quick and efficient to work with. All the work was done on time with no trouble at all. So far we're ahead of the predicted output and in credit with the electricity company. We're very ‘green aware' people so solar panels are true to our beliefs. They also add to the value of the house."

     Reading, Berks March 2006


"I was very satisfied with Solar4us and would be happy to recommend them. They got on with installing my solar panels with no problem. My bills are now very low, if not nil, and I get money back each year as reimbursement from the grid. I've also got solar water heating, which provides permanent hot water and plenty of it. I've been inviting as many people as possible round to have a look. We all ought to do our utmost to prevent this catastrophic climate change problem."

     Oxted, Surrey  April 2005

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